We invent technology to improve our quality of life. Software is just one small domain of such life-altering technology. Monotonous tasks are able to be completed faster or without us investing any time at all. It allows us to accomplish things which before we were unable to complete. It makes us better. No longer do we need to keep a small book by our phone with the numbers of our relatives and friends. Our pocket-size phone stores all of these numbers for us. We can more readily track our expenditures and create reports from the data to allow us to more appropriately plan our budgets. Our software allows us to stay in touch with friends who have moved away and would have been lost to time and space. As the internet evolves, we use it ever more so to organize our thoughts, ideas, and inventions. We use it to coordinate with others working on similar problems. Applications such as Twitter allow us to quickly request feedback on issues others might have already solved or to seek advice on where to go for dinner in an unfamiliar town. Our lives are changed everyday by new software. By striving to make better software that meets the needs of our target audience, we can eradicate entire sets of problems for which later generations will only learn about when studying history.

We cannot create software fast enough to keep up with demands at this time; yet, we hoard it as intellectual property which can be sold for a profit or kept restricted as a competitive advantage. One line of code works the same in every environment for which it was designed. When all of us collectively realize we are in this together and begin to share our code for the common good, we will see a massive surge in software productivity. Companies can produce software needed to offer their services while making it available for others to leverage in their own solutions. This is not about one person amassing more wealth than another. This is about us amassing as much together as is sustainable in our environment. Free and open source software, more commonly referred to as FOSS, will help in this endeavor.

This website is here to present common open source applications used to meet various needs as well as information on developing applications. The most emphasized application area will be in web development due to its ever growing importance. Along the way, some off-topic entries about sports and personal opinions will sneak into the site. Ultimately, I hope it will benefit everyone interested in contributing to not only their well being, but also the lives of those around them.

Shawn Sparks

Shawn Sparks

Solutions architect, casual web developer, and sports enthusiast