Veni, Vidi, Vici!

Written on April 30th, 2010 by

My dear Ellinore gave out on me this winter. I think it was caused by moving in subzero temperatures. The end result was the motherboard bit the dust. Considering it was the oldest piece of hardware in her, I was not horribly upset. It was outdated enough that purchasing something to work with all the other complementary parts was nearly impossible. Modernizing it would have resulted in replacing most of the components. My final decision was to build a wholly new computer.

Hardware had definitely changed since I originally built Ellinore. The best part was the change in price. When building a system one’s self, it is easy to get something more than the average person needs for dirt cheap. Here are the new parts:

I also pulled my two 1TB Sata Western Digital hard drives from Ellinore since they were fairly new and had all my data.

The end result was a computer which has more processing power than I will ever need in a very long time. I might add that I paid just over $1000 by the time the cost of the hard drives is added. This is the reason I build my towers rather than paying more for less hardware from the normal retailers. It supports virtualization that I do not fully utilize yet. Still, the ability to easily run a few guest virtual machines on a host operating system is extremely convenient when tinkering with new setups. It also looks really good on my television in 1080p when I want to watch movies or HD shows on Hulu.

Ultimately, I needed a name. A machine with such power was only deserving of a name on par with a single individual in all of history:


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