Future Enhancements

I have a list of ideas I would like to add to this site given time to do so. Rather than simply keeping these ideas in my head or personal notes, I decided I would throw the basic premises up on the site for visitors to review as well. Feel free to email me with any questions, thoughts, concerns, suggestions, et cetera. If enough people show interest in a particular idea, it will likely jump to the front of the implementation list. Please note, the current order holds no particular significance as far as priority or anything else for that matter.

List of Ideas

Name Description
Twitter Feed : a simple module to display my most recent tweets
Calendar Integration : some sort of page or module to show what upcoming events and tasks are on my calendar
PHP Best Practices : series of articles to help an inexperienced PHP programmer write better code sooner
Improved Styles : touch up my styles and maybe add a few more choices in as well
Overhaul Themes : right now theme changes only change the CSS file. I want to change it so anonymous users can essentially completely change the WordPress theme used
Blog Feed : feed of recent posts on blogs I find to be interesting reading for a wider variety of reading material
Network Description : description of all my electonics, what each does, and how they are configured
FOSS Usage : page with list of all the FOSS projects I have used or currently use

Recent Implementations

Name Description
Fix Site Search : resolve issues surrounding pages showing up in search
Metadata : get proper metadata showing up on pages to allow search engines to find pages more easily